About Amanda

Amanda Morad.

Lover. Writer. In that order. Scripted Scenes & Coffee Beans is a personal collection of musings from both the creative side (Scripted Scenes), and the  life and business side (Coffee Beans).

Basically, I’m just a Carolina girl in a California world, working toward a career in the entertainment industry as a writer.

This Writer’s Life:

Favorite books on writing: Ann Lamont’s “Bird by Bird”; Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art”
Favorite movie of all time: Ever After (I know. Period chick flicks are my Kryptonite. Don’t burn me for it.)
Favorite TV show of all time: Gilmore Girls (Amy Sherman-Palladino is my muse)
Favorite Musical: Company … who am I kidding? All. Of. Them.
Favorite place to write: Coffee shops. Loud ones.
Favorite music to write to: Depends on the piece, but dubstep or electronica are pretty consistent fallbacks. Or Hans Zimmer scores.
Favorite time to write: Night
Favorite part of the writing process: Editing




2 thoughts on “About Amanda

  1. Hi Babes…it’s so easy to love you…yeah i know, i’m your dad and am already supposed to but you do what the Lord does quite frequently, you compel people to love you by just who you are! Mom and I are so proud of you, but we’re really even happier for you in the season that you are in…absolutely love what you said about going into film critic coma!! I ’bout fell out of my chair!!

    You just keep the graphite smudged up real good now you hea?

    Love Dad

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