(Cue Alicia Keys) “I-hi-hi keep on fallin…in and out…of love…with-a you.”

Poor blog. It’s not his fault. The reality is that grad school taught me something very important this last 5 months.

It’s hard.

Like, drive your health, sanity, work performance and marriage into the ground kind of hard. Thankfully, all aforementioned aspects of my life are making a brilliant recovery and I have an amazingly patient husband who is willing to let me do it again in the fall.

Until then, I’m taking ground on all fronts: socially, spiritually, creatively, professionally, entrepreneurially, and physically.

Living in a place like this…

…it’s easy to let the sand and sun (and relentless humidity) drain every bit of motivation still sparking in my creative muscle. But I’m determined not to let it happen. I’m reminded of this post deep in the archives, in which I encountered just how crazy I can get when I’m not creating. During school, I don’t have time to succumb to the craziness. Or, rather, the craziness takes another form altogether via all-nighters, caffeine overdoses, spouse and house negligence, and the insane amount of laundry I have to wade through just to get to bed right about mid-term week.

Summer is a great opportunity to regroup, refocus, and revisit those dreams and goals I envisioned back at New Year’s.

I think it’s time we ask ourselves the tough questions about how we’re spending our time and what we’re willing to do to answer those questions satisfactorily.

This is my list. What’s on yours?

  • Amanda, have you touched your NaNo manuscript since December?
  • What about the script you outlined last fall?
  • Have you started working on that business plan you’ve been “meaning” to get off the ground?
  • Are you doing your best to shed the “fluff” you gained through months of no sleep and bad food?
  • Are you prioritizing time with your husband in a way that will be sustainable when school starts again?
  • What about personal devotion time? You know if you don’t carve out time now, it will be impossible come the first day of class.
  • Is your volunteer system for church working as it should be? What can you do now to improve it so you’re not working so hard come September?
  • Are you prepared to be called on at work should the opportunity you’ve been hoping for present itself?

Oh boy. Happy summer!

Let the reckoning begin.


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