The Paradox of Busyness

A quick scroll will tell you that I’m not winning any awards for world’s best blogger probably ever in my lifetime, but here’s an interesting pattern I’ve found in my writing habits: I’m more apt to blog when I’m busy than when my schedule is virtually empty.

Blame it on my anti-social-media husband who would rather keep me busy watching movies and looking at houses than clacking away at a keyboard after dinner…

BTW, November's NaNoWriMo attempt was successful. I win!

Blame it on the fact that I am, by nature, a 90-or-nothin brand of go-getter and when I’m idling at zero, I might as well be parked…

This is my brain between burnout and inspiration.

Blame it on the superwoman complex that kept me standing during undergrad ’08-’09, which I barely remember because sleeping got nixed from the to-do list that year.

We go way back.

When I’m being lazy, a literal fire under my you-know-what may be the only thing able to get me off the couch. But when I’m inspired to be productive, I suddenly get the urge to tack blogging and writing projects back onto my weekly to-do list. My husband is exasperated and perplexed by this and I think he fears I may actually be crazy, but I just smile and shrug my shoulders as if to remind him, “Sorry, Charlie. This is what you get.”

So, dear reader (who may, in fact, only be my father at this point), this is what you get. Batten down the hatches because a storm of productivity (or just plain-ol-activity) is coming your way. I started my MFA on Tuesday so there will be much to blog about. However, I may also be starting a ghostwriting project on top of school, work, volunteering at church, and house hunting, so there will be much to keep me from blogging. C’est la vie.

c’est la vie foreign term \se-lä-vē\ : “Such is life,” a phrase that is a way of shrugging off what can’t be helped.

How about you (Dad)? Do you go through spurts of being crazy busy and productive followed by stretches of lethargy? Or are you better at long term stability? If you are, please share your secrets. My husband will pay a handsome reward. 🙂


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