The Hour Defier

Incensed? Provoked? Inspired? Affected? Aroused? Inflamed? Infused? Sparked? Emboldened?

I don’t know if any word quite pins the emotion I experience when I read another startup success story. Especially when it comes from @sarahjbray. The girl is a maven of all things media. She is the Napoleon of digital nations. She is master of the online free world. Her scepter remains unchallenged. When I peruse her latest success at A Small Nation, it literally feels like a hot water balloon filling fast and bursting somewhere in the middle of me. And I’m not the kind to use “literally” liberally.

My heart starts beating and my mind starts racing to the vision of what that dream-come-true moment looks like in my life. Every time I think I’ve got it figured out, that I’m heading in a solitary direction–the one that’s going to take me home to This Is It–the road widens again and the opportunities before me start ticking at my mental fortitude like school kids on a Jenga tower.

I’m starting my MFA in Script and Screenwriting in January. I know it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s what I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for these last 3+ years. Not all that long in lifespan terms, I realize. But the Man Upstairs seems to know the rather constricting boundaries of my “longsuffering” tolerance and I am incredibly grateful. I work for a university with one of the best MFA Script programs on the east coast and I get tuition benefits. I couldn’t have made up a better plan!

At the same time, I am pursuing freelance ventures with vigor, thinking about future family plans and asking myself, how does it all work together? I know there’s a Superwoman inside convincing me that I can accomplish everything I want to and still get dinner on the table. But the logistics are starting to get muddied by that little number 24.

That’s the number of hours in a day (in case you forgot). I’ve been trying to create more since I was in high school. Ten years later, I’m no closer than I was as a 14yr old honor student, cheerleader, marching band geek, mime artist, dancer, church volunteer, and choir member. Hmm…PR writer, MFA student, freelance writer, social media advisor, event planner. Looks like I haven’t learned much, does it? Oi vey.

What I have learned in my 10 year career as an Hour Defier is that the only way to make the most of everything I’ve been given is to take this journey one (boldly but carefully placed) step at a time.


3 thoughts on “The Hour Defier

  1. Oh Amanda, you have a way of putting what I’ve been feeling into just the right words. I have been so good at taking things on and then adding one or two more things in there, and it works, so it’s hard not to do the same thing. I don’t know if this next concern is a part of what you’re considering, but I also know that sometimes doing all those things can lead to burn out. I desperately want to avoid that part, but when I sit down and look at all the things I want to do, I feel like I can’t help but be busy! At the same time, I know that now is different in doing all the things I want to do because I WANT to do them. There are so many things…I have to remind myself to take it one task at a time, one step at a time. Thank you because I needed your reminder!

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