Punch Drunk Love


A young woman approaches the counter, both shoulders laden with bags. She whips a careful eye around the perimeter of the room. No outlets.


Tall Pike, please.


I’m sorry, we don’t carry the Pike blend at our location.



A tall house, then.


That’s $1.82

The girl rummages through bag 1 and pulls out a Starbucks gift card.

BARISTA (Cont’d)

I’m sorry ma’am. We don’t take Starbucks giftcards. We’re just a Barnes & Noble cafe, not a real Starbucks.


Well, that’s disappointing.

She reluctantly offers the barista her debit card, evidently trying to remember if she even has $1.82 in the account.


Thank you, ma’am. Have a great night.


(already walking away)

Sure, thanks.

She steps away from the cafe, into the bookstore, scanning walls for outlets. Other cafe patrons dart her looks as if to say, “Sorry, kid. None here.” She is unmoved. In a far corner, she spots a lone outlet, far from tables or chairs. Her fellow patrons watch in horror as she dares to drag a table and chair to the wall with the outlet and set up shop.


She can’t do that.


The manager should come say something.


I can’t tell if she’s dumb or just playing dumb.

Thus began my first evening writing session at the Barnes & Noble excuse-for-a-starbucks here in Virginia Beach. With a closing time of 10p.m., it is disappointingly the latest-open institution in the city that does not make its primary profit from alcohol. As you can see, the situation was less than ideal. It was only made worse by the fact that the chord to my laptop-which-has-no-battery fried out. -_-

Therefore, my writing session was conducted completely with ink and paper. I tell you, I got more done in those three hours than I would have with a keyboard and wifi any day. It’s amazing what happens when you unplug and focus in on just the story. Details and fact checks can wait. Sometimes you’ve got to boil it down to story. Now I’ve got a new script brewing and am happy to report that improvisation is good for inspiration, apparently.

In light of my little burst of creativity this week, I leave you with this article, posted by Wired4Film.com.

Ladies and gentlemen, “Write Drunk, Edit Sober.”


2 thoughts on “Punch Drunk Love

  1. Much love and respect right backatcha, AM, from Wired4Film. You’ve hit on a great writing formula…no internet + extra sharp pencil + paper + coffee = literary greatness. Also, FYI, the more the caffeine, the faster you write!

    So there’s that! 😉

    1. Thanks W4F!! And yes, I have discovered the caffeine to writing speed ratio 🙂 At the old coffee shop I used to write in, they made me buy something every hour or two, so I’m in the habit of buying many small coffees a session. Haha. Can’t be healthy.

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