3 Lessons Learned in a Wasted Lunch Hour

Before I committed to writing a blog post over my lunch hour, I should have come up with a decent idea to write about. Instead, I’ve been typing and deleting different sentences over and over again, checking facebook (for inspiration, of course), checking Twitter (also for inspiration), reading emails, and coming back to stare at my blank blog post page.


I should be brimming with ideas, ya know? I just moved to a cool new state and started a cool new job, but all’s been quiet on the writer’s front (ha. double entendre.)

However, this seemingly lost hour may not be totally forgone. I learned a few things.

1. If you’re going to write over your lunch break, do it away from your desk.

Emails pop up. Your files and browser tabs are probably still open. People pass your door and wonder if you’re working and slacking or breaking and working. It’s just not an environment conducive to creativity. I passed a beanbag display at Walmart last night, hesitating about whether it was appropriate for an office or not. I’ve decided to go back and get it if for no other reason but to do my lunch hour writing. My office is pretty small, but there’s enough room for me to step away from my work station, slump down in a comfy bean bag, and type something on my soon-to-be-purchased netbook for an hour, or even half an hour. Next time I do this, I’ll close my door, turn off my work monitor, and transform my little space into a little haven.

2. If you’re going to write over your lunch break, be prepared.

An hour isn’t very long. In fact, it’s super short. And when you know you only have an hour, those 60 minutes seem to spit by like a Nascar commercial. Come to the midday writing session with material. If it’s a blog post, have an idea or a list of ideas to start from. If it’s a story or script, decide beforehand which scene you want to give attention to. If it’s a free write session, don’t over think it. I added “Blog over lunch” to my daily to-do list, but didn’t give enough thought to it to make the hour fruitful…besides preaching at myself through this post.

3. If you’re going to write over your lunch break, write.

“Duh,” yes? Yes. Your social networks can wait til the 3:00 coffee break or the 5:00 shut down. They’ll still be there. Promise. So will your personal emails and the list of random things about which you’ve said “Oh I should Google that.”

Okay so I came out of this hour with a blog post after all. But next time I’m going to spend the whole 60 minutes writing…not just the last 15. 🙂


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