Geeze, I never knew 30 days of my life could hold so much. March was an insane month full of trip ups, make ups, break ups and start ups. I purposefully put Scripted Scenes and Coffee Beans on the back burner because my professional life needed…a little TLC. I changed positions at work and went to SXSW for the first time (an eye opening and inspirational experience), so every spare minute was spent trying to keep afloat.  I’m still writing, I’m still here, and I’m ready to jump back in with both feet. How you ask? Well, it’s April 1, and anyone who’s aspiring to be a dramatic writer of some kind knows what that means:

Script. Frenzy. 30 Days. 100 Pages. And I’m doing it.

Am I ready? Absolutely not. Am I doing it anyway? Yes! Why? Because I’ve been out of my writing routine and I need to start my habit forming all over again. Nobody offers the support that Script Frenzy does, and by writing every day and staying motivated with a huge community of writers with the same goals and same daily fight to crank out pages, I can’t think of a better way to restart the writer’s life.

Will I start blogging again every day? Probably not. Due to several wild n’ crazy life changes, the few precious hours I have to devote to writing each week will be more focused on projects than posts. But I’ll be here a few times a week…and I believe the blog will be better for it.

So here goes another reset. Scripted Scenes and Coffee Beans, TAKE 3.


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