Ahhhh! I wish I wasn’t too tired to post. I wish…well, a lot of things…but mostly, I wish to be out of this crazy creativity slump so that I can get back to posting every day! 🙂 I liked being in a habit. I liked having a priority besides work and dishes. I promise, I won’t be gone long. One day soon this writer will resurrect and I will dazzle you. At least that’s the hope.

I have a sitcom in mind inspired by the daily hilarity of the office I’ve worked in for more than 2 1/2 years. We even have episode ideas pinned down. I know there’s already a show about office hilarity, but ours would be far less Michael Scott, and far more…Jack Donaghy. It may be a while before I can really start it, but it’s at least a spark of creativity that lets me know the writer in me hasn’t died completely.

I would tell you more about it now, but 4:30a.m. is only 5hrs away. I gotta spend at least some of those sleeping.


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