This is a “Coffee Beans” post…

One night a few months ago, I was disappointed in myself for something I didn’t follow through on–probably not something someone else asked me to do (I’m pretty good at that), but something I expected of myself and didn’t follow it through. So what did I do? I Googled “how to follow through.” 🙂

What a friend we have in Google.

I came across a blog post by Terry Broadwater, Chi Alpha Network Campus Ministry Director, at (now and found it to be one of the most inspirational pieces I’ve ever read on the subject.

I immediately saved it to my desktop and I still open it frequently when I need an instant motivator. In the post, Terry made a few observations about people who follow through. I’ve shared them below, but for the whole post and a bunch of other inspirational stuff, click here.

8 Observations about People who Follow Through

  1. People who follow through take responsibility- they don’t make excuses, they don’t wait for someone else to get it done, and they don’t “pass the buck!”
  2. People who follow through don’t waste time- they put a timeline on every action item or project, etc. and they meet those deadlines, many times ahead of schedule.
  3. People who follow through use a strategy or process to get things done- they lay out the plan, incorporate the right people, and take the necessary steps.
  4. People who follow through have a priority list- they write things down.  They have a “to do” list for each project, each week, each day as necessary to keep accountable and stay on track.
  5. People who follow through aren’t afraid to ask questions or get some help- they want to make sure what the expectations are, what the parameters are, etc. and they look for those who “have been there and done that” to offer advice and direction.
  6. People who follow through persevere through any and all challenges- they meet the issues head on with a positive, solution-oriented focus and mindset.
  7. People who follow through do things with excellence- they fully understand and embrace the philosophy that following through is not merely “checking” something off the list, but producing an end result that is highly profitable for everyone involved.
  8. People who follow through derive satisfaction from setting others up for success- their attitude is never “how can I win”, but “how can what I do help others, help the team, the organization to be more successful?”

Now, as an exercise in self-motivation, replace “People who follow through” with your name (making all proper grammatical changes, of course 🙂 ). Amanda takes responsibility; Amanda doesn’t waste time; Amanda uses a strategy to get things done…etc. etc. My goal is to make these eight observations true in my life. This way I have confidence that all I do–the scripted scenes AND the coffee beans–is my very best work.


One thought on “This is a “Coffee Beans” post…

  1. That IS inspirational…i especially like what she says that we’re not following through to merely “check” it off the list! I tend to feel accomplished if I get that list done with check marks but I always feel so much better if the outcome of the follow through produced an even better result than what I expected, BECAUSE I followed through!

    Good stuff! Love ya.

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