New books!

Last night I went to my first Zumbathon!! Lots of fun, but major ouch. Then I came home and ate left-over pasta that had been in the fridge a day or two too long…Eww.

Ouch + Eww = Early, miserable, yucky bedtime…and no blog.

But tonight, now that my stomach and I are on the same side again, I wanted to share a few of the resources I got for my birthday. Yep, some girls ask for bling on their birthdays, some ask for dinners or romantic dates. I asked for books 🙂  Each are well on their way to making my “Top 10 Books on Writing” list. After reading lots of reviews and using Barnes & Noble as my library for a good 6 hours last weekend, I emerged with three winners.

1. “On Writing” by Stephen King

2. “The Dramatic Writer’s Companion” by Will Dunne

3. “The Coffee Break Screenwriter” by Pilar Alessandra

Apparently, the first has become a legend in the last decade since it was published and I’ve just been out of the loop. I’m not quite halfway through it yet, and only pages into the section about the craft of writing, but I already see why it has made so many other Top 10 Lists for writers. Most of us aspiring toward a major life goal love role models. We admire the people who have gone before us, looking for some clue in their lives that lets us know the path we’re taking toward that goal is at least somewhat on track. That’s what much of the first half of King’s book is about; reminding people that families, day jobs, mishaps, and detours are all part of the creative process and that “life is not a support-system for art. It’s the other way around.” I’m anxious for what the second half will offer.

The second and third are workbooks, really. I’ve been skimming them for days, working up the courage to try some of the exercises on my own work. I don’t know what I’m afraid of really, except that they may change up my writing routine, but that’s really nothing to fear now, is it? Maybe it’s more a fear that I’ll discover I am not as far along in my planning process as I think I am–also nothing to be afraid of but something to be embraced….Well, now that I’ve talked myself out of all the reasons NOT to start working through these books, I suppose I know what I’ll be doing each night this week. 🙂

P.S. Two days until the Scriptapalooza TV contest announcement!!!


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