Casting Call!

I nearly forgot to post tonight because I was too busy doing my favorite part of the pre-writing process on my feature: casting 🙂

This is the night I look like a total celebrity stalker at Nord’s, poring over google images to find just the right face to match the character I have in my head. I first did this exercise in a script writing workshop in 09 and the practice has kind of stuck with me. Imagining the face and personality of an actor as I’m formulating scenes creates a sort of pseudo chemistry in my mind that oils the gears, so to speak. So tonight, after lots of scene plotting and outlining and character research, I’ve cast most of my main characters.

The script is about a Southern Socialite ready to sell her soul or buy the world to protect her two children who live on the fringe of society’s idea of normal. From the idea’s first inception, Diane Lane has been the face and voice in my head for the leading role. Her characters in “Must Love Dogs” and “Fierce People” have helped me meld an image of this Georgia Peach of a character that I am anxious to develop. Here’s a sneak peak at the main ensemble:

Curious yet? 🙂


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