The King’s Speech

“Doesn’t a prince’s mind know what his mouth is doing?”says Logue.

“You aren’t acquainted with many royal princes are you?” quips the Duke of York.

Moments like this one took “The King’s Speech” from biopic to blockbuster. It was so beautifully written, beautifully acted, beautifully directed, and beautifully scored, the whole thing was like a dance…halting stammer and all. Maybe I’m enchanted by the English accent, or the solemn antiquity of the period, but not 10mins home from the movie and here I am pouring over it to the blogosphere.

12 Oscar nominations: same as Ben-Hur, Schindler’s List, and Gladiator

Of course, I admit I chose The King’s Speech for my birthday movie because of its blazing victory trail through awards season so far–you gold-digger, you–but now I’m in love not because its Oscar pockets are deep, but because it’s just a darn good film. And sure, the story is endearing, but its delivery on the silver screen was sterling.

Colin Firth deserves what he’s got coming to him (fingers crossed).

Go see this movie!  🙂


One thought on “The King’s Speech

  1. so glad you finally got to see it! Danielle & I went out a few weeks ago to catch it and absolutely loved it!

    I really enjoyed seeing a different side of Helena Bonham Carter, since I know her more from Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd, and charlie & the chocolate Factory. I love her in those roles too, but it was nice seeing a softer side of her acting.

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