Post Superbowl TV? Gleerie!

Ahh! Just watched the newest episode of Glee on boss and bestie LT’s DVR (during an impromptu slumber party).

Verdict: Absolutely thrilling šŸ˜‰

This episode had simply everything a good Glee show should have. What are these essential elements?

1. Excellent Pop Tunes: Need You Now–Lady Antebellum. Great duet with Rachel and Puck.

2. Puck!: Wit, charm, and the constant (and super sweet) defense of Glee Club. Love it.

3. Romance: Quinn and…Finn? Can it be?

4. Slushies: This time from mullet-headed hockey players. Definite LOL moment.

5. Will Wins: For once, bully Sue gets bested in a Glee, Cherrios ultimatum. Sweet victory!

6. Dalton Warblers: It might have been another female pop tune, but I still melt every time Blaine opens his mouth.

7. Football: Only fitting for Superbowl Sunday, this championship game rocked!

8. Classic Tunes: Thriller–MJ. Nuf said. šŸ™‚


Thanks for humoring my Gleekism!



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