Structure, according to some guy I don’t know

Tonight’s agenda? Ironing out the details for my Austin Film Festival feature. And when I mean details I say structure…er…when I SAY details, I MEAN structure (I’m trying to go caffeine free for a week and I’ve just made it through day 3…not doin so hot, if you couldn’t tell).

This is it–the feature that will get completed. Start to finish, FADE IN to FADE OUT. But before I start the actual writing, there are many preparatory steps that must be made to help ensure I will indeed make it to the end.

So, while my Screenwriter’s Bible is lent out to him-who-shall-remain-nameless, I went a’ researching other structure aids to help me ground the story. I found this:

What a nifty little chart! While the 5 “Turning Points” correspond with Trottier’s 5 plot points (with different names, basically), the way they’re explained in this article has completely changed my approach to this latest script. The author, script consultant and Screenplay Mastery founder, Michael Hauge, is a new find for me, but a resource I intend to revisit.

Huzzah for shaking things up a bit!



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