Irony of Ironies…

Irony: the day after you write a post about procrastination, you forget your blog altogether. ha.

Well, I made it 31 days without forgetting. For me, that’s a small miracle. 🙂 The cool part is, I’m okay with forgetting. There was a time that I would have made quite the emotional show when I realized I forgot to perform a daily task like posting a blog, but I’m currently in a “no pressure” relationship with my blog. We’re non-exclusive. I’ve got other, bigger affairs to attend to–like the one with my script! The idea is finally coming together! More updates on that later this week.

But for your immediate blog reading enjoyment, more Daily Life Ironies, by yours truly:

1.) My hair looks awesome today!…too bad I’ve been cooped up in my bedroom for the last 14 hours.

2.) I made from-scratch pancakes for my boys’ breakfast this morning!…too bad our roommate is lactose intolerant (and yes, the milk in the batter counts).

3.) I used walmart as a good excuse to pull out the snow boots and go all Bear Grylls on this 15″ deep whiteout…too bad I didn’t find out it was closed until I reached the front door. The cars in the parking lot were just stranded.

4.) I took a couple sweet pics of “Snowpocalypse 2011” while I was out Bear Grylls-ing…too bad hubs kicked me off the router to play Black Ops, so I’m mooching off the apartment office network. “S” to the double “LOW.” #uploadfail


So, I might not call this snow day a “win” overall, but it’s sure had its moments of amusement. 🙂


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