TOP 10 Best Southern Accents

Today I went to the office for a few hours to catch up from this past week and as much of a drudgery as spending your one full day off at work is, there is always a silver lining. Today, it came in the form a sweet woman named Carolyn. I called her little bookstore in Tennessee and I swear I was talking to my grandmother. It made me smile the sweet, drawled-out way she said “bye bye, darlin.”

When I hung up the phone I started thinking about growing up in Small Town USA around thousands of voices like Carolyn’s. It’s one thing I miss most about my little North Carolina hometown, the way people talk. I’ve lived away from it long enough that I don’t have much of an accent at all, but calling home always makes me smile, because even the international businessman my father is can’t hide a twinge of Southern charm–especially when he’s on the phone with his baby girl 🙂

So in honor of all things Southern, tonight I give you:

TOP 10 Best Southern Accents!

Ellen Burstyn: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Josh Lucus: Sweet Home Alabama

Sandra Bullock & Gena Rowlands: Hope Floats

Robert Duvall: Something to Talk About

Sandra Bullock: The Blind Side

Holly Hunter: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Tom Hanks & Sally Field: Forest Gump

Rachel McAdams: The Notebook

Sally Field & Dolly Parton: Steel Magnolias

Reese Witherspoon & Joaquin Phoenix: Walk the Line


NOTE: Pictures and links will come tomorrow. Our internet is just not fast enough to support that kind of upload action.


2 thoughts on “TOP 10 Best Southern Accents

  1. i feel warm and fuzzy allll over girl! We love your writing of course but this was really special. Keep churning it out sweetheart.

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