TOP 10 LIST: Movie Soundtracks

Maybe soundtracks don’t have much to do with writing in general, but for me, movie soundtracks and my writing habits are best friends. Why? Because when I need inspiration for that key emotional climax or to power through a bout of writer’s block, or to reveal something about a character I’m profiling, I turn to movie music. Here’s my

TOP 10 Movie Soundtracks!!

strictly in the order they popped in my head

The Holiday

I ❤ Hans Zimmer

Pride and Prejudice

What can I say? Pianos, violins, and romance. Doesn’t get much better for this chick.

The Chaos Theory

Current favorite band, The Damnwells, discovered here.


Epic! Didn’t really catch it til the second viewing, after my brain recovered from being nebulized the first time.

Top Gun

Ask my boss, I often break out singing “Nir, nir, nir , ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-nir, ni-ni-nir, ni-ni-nir, ni-ni-nir, nir, nir” Here, this is what I’m talking about:

The Breakfast Club

For every emo moment one could want.

Lord of the Rings

You can’t NOT feel part of something important listening to this.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Just makes me smile 🙂

The Last of the Mohicans

Trevor Jones is brilliant and otherworldly

The Bodyguard

Confession: I am sincerely jealous of Whitney Houston’s voice

So there’s my Top 10…or “a” Top 10. I’m sure I could think of a completely different 10 if you ask me tomorrow, but these are the movies and soundtracks I turn to for inspiration or leisure again and again. What’s on your Top 10?


4 thoughts on “TOP 10 LIST: Movie Soundtracks

  1. Last of the Mohicans soundtrack is my absolute all-time favorite soundtrack ever created on the planet, ever, seriously, I LOVE it so much, I listen to it ALL the time!!!
    My second favorite, which is not mentioned here is The Little Mermaid, what? Don’t judge me, we all cling to our childhood memories!

  2. 4 of those would land on my list… but a must for me is Harry Potter. I love them all, but particularly enjoy Order of the Phoenix soundtrack.

    thanks for the post. Going to put on OotP now to help me get in the writing mode.

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