A look at the Golden Globes

So, hubs and I made the prudent decision at the beginning of our marriage that we weren’t going to pay for cable. We have Netflix and aren’t home to watch mindless hours of television much anyway. However, tis the season to feel deprived. Why? It’s award show season.

Tonight, the Golden Globes kicked off what promises to be a stellar string of award shows this year, given an unusually high number of blockbusters that released in 2010. And what was this self-proclaimed-movie-buff doing? Grocery shopping 😦

But thanks to the internet I can at least be kept in the loop about tonight’s winners and losers…and give my two cents about the outcome.

The Social Network: wow! HUGE winnings tonight (Best Motion Picture-Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Original Score). Honestly, I’m surprised it trumped Inception in every category. I may be totally off in my opinion, but I think The Social Network will dominate this year because it’s relevant to 550 million people. Inception is an incredible concept that will probably never be matched when it comes to mind-blowing, but The Social Network was moving because it’s true. It’s the story we’ve all wanted to know and it’s the story we all secretly want to have. There’s also the issue of genre.

I’m not saying the movie doesn’t deserve its accolades, totally agree with Best Screenplay, but everything else? I’m not convinced. Inception was pretty epic. I’m two viewings in and still trying to figure out how in the world Christopher Nolan came up with it all. Just goes to show the elements that make award winners aren’t always the same.

Tomorrow: A note on the TV winners @ the Golden Globes



P.S. Promise I will contribute more about Black Swan and The King’s Speech later (Note to self: watch before the Oscars haha…also The Fighter).


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