A Look at the Golden Globes: TV Edition

I have to admit I’m personally more pleased at the TV category outcomes this year than the film outcomes. But that might have a little something to do with the fact that one of my favorite shows racked up again this year.

Go GLEE!! Best Comedy or Musical, Best Supporting Actress (Jane Lynch–duh!), Best Supporting Actor (Chris Colfer). <–Big deal! Plus, he’s up for two SAGs this year! Talk about bling. 🙂

But there were plenty of other shows that rocked the house and really made me wish I had cable. One of which is Boardwalk Empire.

Script Mag did a feature on it during the summer and I considered cutting coffee cold turkey just to pay for HBO….I think I’d have to be admitted if my body went a day without caffeine, but the thought did cross my mind.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it (or most of the other shows), only read about it, but even from the articles I read over the summer, it was apparent that the show was destined for greatness. Maybe one day next year, HBO and Netflix will live happily ever after and I’ll get to catch up on all that greatness.

As for now, I’m off to reminisce over Glee Season 1 🙂 (Hey, there are still major perks to just having Netflix.)


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