Experience, Emotion, Perspective

I was reading an article on Script Magazine’s website today about the power of experience as a writer and in it, the point was made that you don’t have to travel the world to build life experience. I fully agree. Although it would be nice to have traveled the world and experienced many people in many settings, it’s not a prerequisite for great art. Inspiration is about depth, not breadth. The depth of a writer or painter or artist of any kind’s experiences are far more important than how many miles or how many days those experiences cost us.

I think there’s something inherent in artists that understand that too. When we love, we love passionately. When we lose, we let it crush us for a while. When we laugh, we do it long and loud. And when we cry, we do it with our whole selves. Our reservoir of emotion runs deep and rich and allows us to see life with a color saturation that verges on extremism. God love the people who love us.

But it’s also important to remember that experience is as much about perspective as it is emotion. Lighting is everything. If you can shed new light on a situation in your life, it may turn from ordinary to dramatic instantly. As an example, an engagement could/does elicit a barrage of emotions within the same person. The bride feels as excited to be a wife as she is terrified to lose her independence. The groom feels as terrified of being responsible for another human being’s welfare as he is elated to make a home with his best friend. Change the perspective, change the drama. See? Ideas are everywhere!


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