March On

Ever had one of those weeks that every time you knock something out on your to-do list, it spawns two more in its place?

Yeah? Well, that’s been my last 8 days or so. And the next two aren’t looking any lighter.

But out of the ashes will rise like a phoenix, an idea. A solid gold idea. I believe it because I have to. If I think about how much time I DON’T have to write, my desperation will overcome me and I’ll get absolutely nothing done. These are the moments I usually argue myself into a duel of wills, where a Grey’s Anatomy marathon wins out over actual work every time.

To keep those moments from wrecking my momentum, I have to stay positive. I have to believe my next great moment of inspiration is around the corner…the one that will break the fatigue barrier and keep me up through the night writing feverishly. Until it strikes, and it always does, I march on, working, planning, writing all that I can when I can. People talk about paying your dues in the corporate world. The artist world is certainly no different.

If I want the luxury of one day spending 8 straight hours a day writing, I have to earn it 15, 30, even 5 minutes at a time. So now that this 5 minutes are up, on to the next task I go.


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