My First Feature…

You know how I was writing last night about writing stories like Nancy Meyers one day? Well, the time has come, dear readers, for my first official, deadline-induced stab at it.

The Austin Film Festival hosts a screenplay and teleplay contest each year and the 2011 deadline has been announced: May 15, early, June 1, final. I’m shooting for the early deadline because it saves me $10 on the entry fee :)haha.

The Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition is one of the most reputable contests in the industry, and if I’m going to put my work up against other writers, this is the platform to do it on. And win or lose, it’ll give me an excellent excuse to make it to the Festival in October!

So what now? The next days and weeks will be spent brainstorming my strongest ideas into outlines and concepts that would make worthwhile stories. From there, I’m sure you’ll hear lots about late nights at Nords, breaking my coffee budget, and balancing a writing schedule with two jobs and domestic duties. “Wait. Why do this now? Don’t you have enough going on?” Well, yeah, I do. But here’s the way I see it: I approach writing projects like having kids. I’m never gonna be completely ready and there’s never a “perfect” time to start. If I keep waiting til the time is absolutely right, I’m gonna have an empty creative coffer for the rest of my life. And writing projects are much lower maintenance than babies, in theory at least.

So wish me luck–and sanity! 🙂



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