Pimp My Friend’s Website!

So this blogging every day thing is no cake walk. Between long days at the office, long nights of work and projects, weekends of domestic duty, workouts, and a barely-there 5hrs of sleep, sometimes there just aren’t hours enough in the day–or brain capacity to think of something interesting to say. Therefore, I hereby declare today Cop-Out Monday! 🙂

Instead of regaling you with movie reviews, writing ideas, or everyday life stuff, I’m going to host a round of Pimp My Friend’s Website!

Actually, I’ve never met these friends, but they seem pretty awesome online. The folks over at themoviepool.com are building a social network of sorts for movie fanatics like myself. If you’re a movie fan or an aspiring movie maker in any capacity, it’s definitely worth checking out. I’ve written a few articles for the writers’ section as well. There’s one here.

Themoviepool has reviews, forums, podcasts, insider movie news, and features from aspiring artists like yourself…or myself.

So go! Check it out now! Maybe tomorrow my brain will be better able to contribute something a little more original 🙂



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