I re-watched Notting Hill for the first time in years the other day, and have decided it has one of my favorite romantic endings of all time. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than having Elvis Costello crooning over images of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts’ wide, in-love smiles as they realize their fairytale is coming true.

Then there’s the brief wedding scenes in which we are only slightly distracted from our vicarious bliss by the strange gown they chose for Julia’s character, Hugh faces his first red carpet experience, and then the real tear-jerker pops on screen. The shot pans around the new couple on the park bench and we see Julia Roberts’ bulging pregnant belly and that sweet, motherly glow, as Hugh holds her hand, reading a book, probably something by Henry James.

…And I am a puddle. *sigh*

But even more than the ice-cream-and-candy-coated ending, I adore another scene in the film. It’s the part where Hugh and Julia (aka William and Anna) are simply co-existing in his living room, hiding out from the press and the world after her indiscreet photos go public. She’s studying her script, he’s reading the paper. They’re just…sitting…and joking about big feet. That’s one of my favorite parts about marriage. We can just sit in the living room and co-exist. He plays xbox, I blog. Like right this very moment. 🙂

Other on-screen winners that celebrate the power of presence:

Definitely, Maybe

Date Night

Easy A



2 thoughts on “She…

  1. Haha that seems like what happend to me tonight. Josue has just started playing video games……….? I am not sure what to think of it? some war games on the computer with soildeirs or something. it scares me. I hate video games. Ecspecially ones that kill people. 🙂 off subject. but tonight same subject… . Amanda and Amanda haha.

  2. @Amanda Oh boy, watch out! Boys and their virtual war toys. smh. It can get frustrating at times, but here’s the silver lining: More writing time for us! 🙂

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