To the hero of the “Golden Voice”

Dear Doral Chenoweth,

I know your Good Samaritan act was weeks ago, but today you showed the world (even CNN) what Christian faith is supposed to be about and what it’s supposed to effect. Thank you. For Ted Williams, you are the cup of cold water Jesus talked about and your “reward” has nothing to do with the attention his rags to riches story is getting. You gave Ted life in a way that few are ever able to do. Not because you championed his cause or founded a non-profit on his behalf. Because you lovingly reached out and treated him with dignity, respect, and compassion. You are an inspiration to us all.






In case you didn’t catch the mania today, Ted Williams was a homeless man a few days ago. Today he’s about to be a gainfully employed radio announcer getting his life back together because a local reporter captured his truly golden radio voice on camera and posted it on YouTube. The wonders of modern technology. Over the last days since the video was posted, the media has indirectly resurrected Ted’s life, his hopes and dreams, and is now giving him the means to reunite with his family. Every night Ted spent huddled in his tent alone behind a Columbus gas station, wondering how he got there, thinking about his estranged kids, dreaming and praying for his life to change–it’s a memory now. That is a miracle, friends.





I posted on my social networks earlier today that I wonder who will win the bidding war for the rights to Ted’s story. No doubt about it, his is one heck of a story that deserves to be told with the same deference and conviction as The Soloist–and one that will inspire dreamers and burnouts the world over.


2 thoughts on “To the hero of the “Golden Voice”

  1. I heard about this man on Yahoo!!! He is so awesome and he just got a call from the Kraft macaroni company to be the official voice of the commercials! Listen and look out for the “Cheesy Macaroni” commercials! 😀

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