What I learned from Rachel Berry

"The gold star is a metaphor, for ME being a star."

Yep, I’m openly admitting it, I’m a Gleek. What can I say? I love the performance, the singing and dancing, the whole shebang. But my favorite part of the show is the characters’ dedication to their dreams and the raw potential they each believe will make their dreams reality. It may be high school naiveté or just good TV writing, but I don’t care. No character exemplifies this fortitude of belief better than the Diva of All Divas, Rachel Berry. Sure, she’s arrogant, selfish, ambitious, and…we’ll say feisty. But she knows what she wants and what it takes to get there.

Rachel gets up early, maintains a rigid schedule, practices daily, and keeps her eye on the ball/golden gramophone. There was a time when, much like Rachel, I had a one track mind toward becoming a writer. I knew what I wanted and was willing to do whatever it took to accomplish that goal. Now, 6+ years past high school, and armed with a writing degree, there is absolutely nothing holding me back from becoming a writer. Nothing, of course, except myself. Since graduation from ORU in May, my writing schedule has become lax, intermittent, and unfocused. But that was 2010. Now it’s 2011 and all those articles I’ve been reading on TheScriptLab and BOSI are catching up to me.

Writers write. They write like babies cry, like fish swim, like birds fly, like flowers bloom. It’s their natural order. Of course, making time to write doesn’t come as naturally, but just as babies don’t get fed if they don’t cry or fish get eaten if they don’t swim or birds fall if they don’t fly or flowers wilt if they don’t bloom, writers write because they have no other choice.

So in this new year, I have no other resolution but to be what I’ve always wanted to be: a writer. I have a plan, a schedule, and a system of accountability in place, thanks to the insane writing challenge I accepted from far-away-friend Amanda Lobo. Like Rachel Berry, I’m going to get up early, maintain a rigid schedule, practice daily, and keep my eye on the ball…which may or may not be a golden figurine of sorts.

Happy 1.1.11 🙂


2 thoughts on “What I learned from Rachel Berry

  1. I love the way you said morning . I think I may need to join you in that morning adventure! I must say though I think this is going to be very good for us for sure!

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