Before and After

Since my last post, this writer has clawed her way through a personal Renaissance. “Clawed” is the only word to aptly describe it, given the chaotic mess my head has been lately. I’ve learned a lot about myself, decided some things about the writer and person I’m becoming, wrestled with a little faith, broken personal barriers, and emerged a little freer, a little stronger, and a lot more dedicated to my craft.

The timing is perfect, as 2010 sets in the west tonight and the anticipation of what 2011 will bring is still just under the horizon. So this week I did what may prove to be a very, very dumb thing. I agreed, along with my long-distance writing buddy, Amanda Lobo, to post every day for two years. Yep. 720 days of blog posting and writing. I might be crazy, but I’m actually going to try this. To get things started, here’s a little before and after for ya:

Blog Before: Sporadic series of vague, unrelated personal reflections intermittently dotted with useful/entertaining information about writing.

Blog After: Consistent series of useful/entertaining writing information, writing samples, and tales from this writer’s life. In other words, Scripted Scenes and Coffee Beans. Duh.

Writing Habits Before: Short spurts of productivity, immediately followed by long droughts of creativity in which I was paralyzed from writing…anything.

Writing Habits After: Daily. Period.

Soulish Insides Before: Chaotic, confused, unfocused, whiny (my poor hubby)

Soulish Insides After: Focused, confident, content, and happy J

Welcome to Scripted Scenes and Coffee Beans 2.0

And have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!


5 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. I love the way you write Amanda! And I look forward to your future blogs. Quite a challenge- everyday for two years! But I believe you can do it! Happy New Year 🙂

    1. Thanks Alexie! I’m excited you have a blog too! I know two years is quite ambitious, but I’m hoping the rewards will be well worth the challenge 🙂

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