Drama, Drama, Drama!

You know those days you’d like to reset and do over again? The ones that really make you question your adaptability and how well you handle stress? To say that today was one of those days would be a gross understatement.

As our office “trending topics” (yes, we have them, don’t you?) would tell you, today was the Tuesday from hell. Today, if anything could go wrong, it did. If anything could be blown out of proportion, it was. And as I took a run this evening to decompress, I realized, this is darn good drama! I should be relishing it!

When the first word off your lips before you even get out of bed in the morning is sh**!, you know you’re in for an epic fail of a day. And in that regard, this day did not disappoint. Sleeping through alarms, burying a four-inch heel in mud on the quarter-mile run into the office,  getting exploitative authors in the pipeline, kicking deadbeat artists out of a show lineup, upset bosses, bratty designers, treasonous books, and lots and lots of dirty words. Don’t worry, not every day is this exciting around the office, but today was one fail after another.

The point of all this is to encourage those who write, and those that don’t, to take days like this and think of them in terms of a movie or play or TV episode. If I was watching the events of today on USA, I would have been like, “heck yes! this is good stuff.” Most every day holds at least one stage-worthy moment. Relish them and realize that these are the moments we live for. In the end, everything is okay, but we’ve overcome many obstacles to get to okay. It’s basic dramatic structure, and it’s based on your life and mine.

Happy dramatizing 🙂


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