So, it’s raining…

So…it’s raining. And it’s been raining for the last 14 hours. And all day, I sat at my desk trying to focus on work, trying to reel my brain in from the creative abyss and get my job done. I was pretty successful, but it was no cake walk. All I wanted to do was write. Now, I sit in my coffee/writing haven, totally uninterrupted, totally sedate and provided ample opportunity, and I can’t pull a single word out of my… well, pick a place.

This is the moment of truth.

This is the test I was born to pass.

Do I pack up and trudge home, defeated? Do I upgrade my coffee to a venti and force something, anything onto the page? Nay, neither! J As any (aspiring) writer has heard a million times, it’s best to write what comes natural.

But you still want to be productive and not just produce a stream of consciousness, right? Well, maybe you do. But I’m pretty goal oriented, so to combat writer’s block or exhaustion or just a mind-numbing day, I bring plenty of stuff to work on—at least 3 projects. It creates the pressure I need to get something substantial done on at least one of them. That way, I can rotate projects out, work on what feels natural, and still get oodles done, even when I’m stuck on a scene in the script, or a paragraph in my book, or have nothing to write about for Something inevitably comes to me on one project while I’m working on another.

Productivity and motivation are sister entities. Being productive motivates you to do more. Finding motivation produces, well, productivity. J So if you don’t have one, create the other. “The groove” will come. Promise.


2 thoughts on “So, it’s raining…

  1. This is true. And I like it very much. Too many times I think I am only allowed to work on one project at a time and the other projects have to wait while I work up the motivation to finish the first. You’ve totally changed my perspective! I must break the rules I formed for myself!

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