My First Spec…in Less than 30 days

I feel like I should have a scrapbook page for this post, complete with buttons and film scraps and little camera stickers.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am writing my first television spec script for my all-time favorite procedural drama, Bones. I’ve already written an original pilot, but this will be a whole new endeavor…one that I have less 30 days to complete. In 25 days, the most recent Scriptapalooza ( television writing contest will close for submissions, and my spec is going to be in the pool. What can I say? I’m a pressure player.

The last 72 hours of this long holiday weekend have already been quite eventful. I wrote a synopsis of the episode, stepped it out on color coded index cards, wrote the first Act, and drank lots and lots of coffee. Nordaggios loves me.

The Plan: write. every. day.

The Goal: just to have another completed work under my belt…and maybe even to get a nod from the judges at Scriptapalooza that says, “Keep it up, kid. You don’t suck.” 🙂


For those new to the speccing game, a few definitions and resources:

Spec script: a “fake” episode of a television show written by an outside writer that serves a variety of purposes. It shows potential agents and producers how well you can assimilate your style to that of the show’s existing writers, proves you know the difference between sitcom and drama structure, and shows you know how to properly format a script. For hopefuls trying to break into television or film writing, this is gold.

A TV writing primer:

An excellent page on TV writing from Script Frenzy:

Some TV formatting tips:

Visit me on for more in-depth writing articles.


4 thoughts on “My First Spec…in Less than 30 days

  1. AWW…nice to see you back! and operating in your gift girlie..I’ll be praying for your writing to fall into the hands of the most amazed judge when he or she sees it! Greater things are yet to come 🙂

    1. haha thanks, Amanda! We can DEFINITELY be accountability partners…I know I need all the ra-ra-shis-kum-ba I can get and I would be happy to pick up the pon poms for you too! 🙂

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