I have the best of them. Really I do. But intentions are worthless until something is created out of them. Create— a word that’s been replaced in my world by good intentions and bad excuses all summer long. Now, fall is in the air and the time for good intentions and bad excuses is passed. I just finished setting up my Google calendar, replete with self-imposed deadlines and to-do lists in an effort to get the go-getter part of my personality out of her summertime coma and back to a healthy blend of discipline and creativity. Sure, I’ve said this before, and to be honest, I don’t entirely trust myself to follow through yet. I’m gonna have to prove it to myself and to the occasional reader that stumbles upon my little online home on happenstance.

Hold me to it. Check out, where I will begin (again) writing articles on scriptwriting and film. Look for more frequent posts here, including updates on that screenplay I mentioned starting work on again months ago (I still haven’t made much progress). Right now, I’m a wannabe. By the spring, I hope to have made something worthwhile of my good intentions, and be u-turning on the highway to Hell. Stick it out with me and I’ll do my best to make it worth your time.


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