10 Best Wedding Movies

I missed a post the last two weeks, which I suppose is not good for a new blogger, but I have an excuse. I was just in the most beautiful wedding–ever. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my wedding. It was everything I wanted and more. But this one was the stuff of Hollywood dreams. It was in Florida, but all the same, it was The Wedding Planner meets Pride and Prejudice meets Runaway Bride (without the horses) and it was gorgeous.

It was on my flight back to the middle of the country that I started thinking about how to describe this wedding to those with no reference of the area or the bride and groom. What better way to relate it to my boss, co-workers, etc. than with film? So in our weekly staff meeting, my boss of course asked, “So how was it?” Rather than reply, “Oh it was so beautiful!” I said, “Remember the opening scene in Pride and Prejudice, when the sun is just behind the trees and everything is lush and green and ethereally still?” “Yes!” “Imagine getting married right there in that moment. That’s what it was like.” (This elicited a much more dramatic response of “ooohs” and “ahhhs” than “beautiful” would have.)

This got me thinking about Hollywood’s best wedding movies and I came up with this Top 10:

Rank       Title              (Written by)

1. Father of the Bride (Nancy Meyers & Charles Shyer)
2. Runaway Bride (Josann McGibbon & Sara Parriott)
3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Nia Vardalos)
4. The Wedding Planner (Pamela Falk & Michael Ellis)
5. Made of Honor (Adam Sztykiel)
6. Sweet Home Alabama (Douglas J. Eboch (story) C. Jay Cox)
7. 27 Dresses (Aline Brosh McKenna)8. My Best Friend’s Wedding (Ronald Bass)
9. Wedding Crashers (Steve Faber & Bob Fisher)
10. License to Wed (Kim Barker)

These are the movies that have made my little hopeless romantic heart flutter over the years or inspired a breathless sigh here and there or carried me through many a lonely night in adolescence. Sure, there are plenty of others, but hey, 10 is 10 and these are the best of the best (IMHO). I included the writers/creators in the ranking to make it easy on the curious like me. These masterminds of romance taught us what the perfect (or not so perfect) wedding looks like and we scribes have much to learn from them.

So what’s your top 10? (This is the part where you tell me I’m wrong and we argue about what makes a good wedding movie.) 


3 thoughts on “10 Best Wedding Movies

  1. I love “Made of Honor” and “License to Wed” and “27 Dresses” and “The Wedding Planner.” I think your list is spot-on!

  2. BTW Thank you! Steve Faber, writer, Wedding Crashers. And I realize the “thank you” is only 2 years late. Yet sincere. I’m torn between guilt and pride. Let’s call it gride.

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