Go Time.


A young woman sits at a cherry wood desk in a white-washed room, an empty computer screen in front of her. She seems hypnotized, fingers poised to type. After a long moment, she breaks her stare with a deep exhalation and her forehead hits the desk just hard enough to thud.

She looks up again, notices an ant crawling on the wall behind her computer screen, and smashes it with her thumb. Flicking the poor creature off her hand, she turns back to the screen.
Aye, me.

The poor desperate girl shuts her eyes, extends her fingers to the keyboard again, and types.


The lines above are the first attempt I have made at any creative writing since April 12. I know this because that is the day I turned in the final draft of my television pilot senior project. ha. Since then, I haven’t even had a desire to look at a screen outside of my job– 8-10 hours a day is quite enough, thank you very much. But the tide is turning. I am now 3 going on 4 weeks post-grad and I’m already bored. Me-without-chaos is a stranger. We have much catching up to do. But I think what Me-without-chaos wants most is the room to create.

So today I began my manhunt for motivation to stick to the computer screen just a little while longer each day (read: week), and I struck gold. I discovered Randal Stevens on TheScriptLab.com blog and I felt like he’d been spying on me for the last 6 weeks. His blog series on the Seven Deadly Consequences kicked my butt into gear today and it’s go time. I highly suggest you read, digest, meditate, and apply. I sure am. No more excuses, no more wasteful distractions (read: no more Netflix binges of 30 Rock, Weeds, and 90’s romantic comedies). It’s time to write.

So what’s first?

An untitled screenplay that began in the summer of ’09 and never made it through the second act. I promised myself I’d keep writing after the class that made me start it ended, but like so many things, it never happened. I know you’ve been there. So I’m dusting off the file, getting re-acquainted with my characters, and trying to figure out where in the world to go from here.

The story follows Anna…crap, I forgot her last name (told you I have some re-acquainting to do). Anywho, Anna is a young New York professional who unexpectedly finds herself alone when her journalist fiance is sent to cover an overseas war and killed in crossfire. It’s a family drama about alternate destinies and starting over. Now, if I can only salvage what I’ve got without starting the whole script over. πŸ™‚


One thought on “Go Time.

  1. Hey… Nice blog. You should keep writing. If you can’t write – do what I do and write a blog about not writing… πŸ™‚

    Hope you’re getting something done.

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