Graphite. Appropriately, the dusty gray substance that stained my southpaw throughout grade school takes its name from the Greek word “grafo,” meaning “I write.”


That’s me. My name is Amanda and I write. Since the standardized writing tests of the fourth grade first allowed me to take the world in my head and transpose it through these little miracles called words, I’ve been creating with language. I write stories and poems and songs–none of which this blog will likely ever see–and articles and even press releases at work. But most recently I’ve discovered a penchant for drama. I’ve always loved movies and television, and adored live theater. Only in the last 18 months, however, did it occur to me that I could create it.


That’s what this blog is all about. It’s my process of becoming a better writer, of finding a niche in the broad term “scriptwriter,” and of attempting to find a hairline fracture in an airtight industry. But it’s not all business. Writers are people too. As such, this blog is about a girl chasing big dreams and taking the steps to make them happen.


I can’t promise a daily post, because life just doesn’t offer guarantees like that, but I do promise Scripted Scenes (techniques, critiques, tips, finds, inspiration, excerpts and quotes) and Coffee Beans (a little dose of life out from behind the computer screen). And you–get involved! Jump in and comment. Tell me I’m wrong. Show me something better. Ask questions. Writing may be a solitary vocation, but everything that goes into great writing involves more than one brain. By my other brain, I’ll be yours. 🙂

Welcome to the process.

More on me? Check the About page.


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