The True Task

The True Task

“I know that you’ve got commitments and stressors and what’s so wrong with watching an hour or two or three of TV before bed? Nothing, of course. Except that you weren’t created to do that. And at the end of your life, you may just end up regretting finding ways to distract yourself from your … Continue reading

When Grief Catches You by Surprise

“No one is promised tomorrow,” they say. “Live every day like it’s your last,” they say. “Life is short,” they say. And “they” say it all the time. Everywhere, reminders not to take life and health for granted find their way into our consciousness. You can’t escape them. But we’re pretty great at ignoring them. … Continue reading

Never Forget…

I had never been to New York City. At that time, it was this otherworldly place from the movies, a million miles from my Carolina town. As I walked into my freshman math class moments after the first tower had been hit, the image on the television screen looked like an action movie. Never mind … Continue reading

Ode to a forgotten blog…

Ode to a forgotten blog…

(Cue Alicia Keys) “I-hi-hi keep on fallin…in and out…of love…with-a you.” Poor blog. It’s not his fault. The reality is that grad school taught me something very important this last 5 months. It’s hard. Like, drive your health, sanity, work performance and marriage into the ground kind of hard. Thankfully, all aforementioned aspects of my … Continue reading

The Paradox of Busyness

A quick scroll will tell you that I’m not winning any awards for world’s best blogger probably ever in my lifetime, but here’s an interesting pattern I’ve found in my writing habits: I’m more apt to blog when I’m busy than when my schedule is virtually empty. Blame it on my anti-social-media husband who would … Continue reading

Emerging from NaNoLand…but only momentarily

Whoa I didn’t realize it had been so long since my last post. Eek. Well, update: I’m in the middle of my first attempt at NaNoWriMo (translation: National Novel Writing Month). It’s not a script, I realize, but I am learning so much about style and characterization and plot structure–not to mention the immense freedom … Continue reading

All opposed, say “I”

Can I just be a rebel for a minute? As a writer, I sometimes feel obligated to embrace the elements of story as perfect, absolute, and well-defined. But I’ve always turned my nose up at the idea of an “antagonist.” Perhaps it’s the way they teach it in small-town public schools, but I feel like … Continue reading

The Hour Defier

Incensed? Provoked? Inspired? Affected? Aroused? Inflamed? Infused? Sparked? Emboldened? I don’t know if any word quite pins the emotion I experience when I read another startup success story. Especially when it comes from @sarahjbray. The girl is a maven of all things media. She is the Napoleon of digital nations. She is master of the … Continue reading